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- 10/7/2019
Truly care about their customers and treat them like family! Great customer service and professionalism. Made me feel like a friend
- 9/4/2019 - Posted on Google
I've been using this company since 2004 both personally and professionally. I have had only wonderful experiences! They made every effort to help me get the most for my money in both repairs and replacement. I can't say enough good things about the professionalism and quality of this company!!
- 8/16/2019
I've been using D&B HVAC since 2004 both personally at my home and professionally on 13 rental properties. They have NEVER let me down!! I won't turn to anyone else for HVAC service and installation.
- 6/4/2019 - Posted on Google
My family has used D & B to fix our heating unit on two separate occasions a few years apart. Another repairman told me I needed a whole new unit. These guys fixed a sensor (one time just by cleaning it--easy fix) and it was right as rain. Service person was always prompt and the prices are fair. Good company, honest workers. I'm a fan. This family owned business treated us like family.
- 5/28/2019 - Posted on Google
horrible service, refuse to answer my calls when they installed defective parts
- 5/28/2019 - Posted on Google
horrible service, refuse to answer my calls when they installed defective parts
- 4/17/2019 - Posted on Google
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! Had them come out to check our air since it quit working. The tech said the compressor went out. This was on a Friday. Still haven’t heard back the following Wednesday. Called the office numerous times and the “sales guy” Ray refused to ever call us back. The receptionist kept telling me she would leave a message for him to call back. I finally asked to speak with the owner and he never called back either. We have yet to find out the problem with our air or how much it will cost and haven’t even received the courtesy of a returned call from anyone. Horrible business and care for their customers. Lost $85 on a service call to them and can’t even get them to call us back to fix the problem.
- 1/15/2019 - Posted on Google
I have had my capacitor go out every two years with this company. They put in a cheap one which goes out within two years, leaving me boiling hot until they can come out again. I tried calling the owner about the problem but he refused to return my call. Their price is low so I am not complaining about that, they just need to use better replacements. Update: The owner has now called me two years later, after I had my capacitor go out again last year and had to pay another company to do the job. Now he says he is going to call his attorney because I didn't pay the last bill two years ago. Well, when other HVAC professionals warned me about him, I realized I was being scammed. I told him this. Conveniently, he couldn't find the every-two-year records of my previous payments for the same thing over and over. What a cozy situation, keep installing inferior capacitors and get paid every two years!
- 8/2/2017 - Posted on Google
Communication & service have been poor. I have had good luck with them in the past. Now that I have an issues (need a credit on work that was to done properly) the owner won't return my calls or emails. Looking for a recommendation on another co.

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